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Find the right volunteer role for you

We cannot do what we do without the support of volunteers. Our volunteers support our activities with the aim of improving the life opportunities, health and well-being of Deaf people by reducing inequality and improving access to services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living in Brighton & Hove, and East Sussex.

Reasons to Volunteer

Our volunteers bring experience, skills, energy, and commitment to DeafCOG. Volunteering also gives people a chance to make a difference and learn new skills.

These are just some of the reasons why people volunteer for us:

  • To help people in the community

  • To support the work and services of DeafCOG

  • To meet new people, make friends and gain confidence

  • To gain new skills and experiences or use skills they already have

  • As a personal challenge

  • It is enjoyable and rewarding

  • To gain valuable experience for work and further education

  • To try new activities

  • To use free time in a positive way

Sign Language

Most requests for a volunteer that DeafCOG receive are for the Deaf community, a few roles are suitable for those who cannot use sign language, these will be clearly shown on the volunteer opportunities list we send out. If you are learning British Sign Language (BSL) we recommend that you look for a variety of experiences to enhance your skills – not just volunteering.

Volunteer Roles

Our volunteer roles are broad descriptions of the types of activities we carry out. As we run a lot of projects and support others to run projects and events within the Deaf Community we will have separate, more specific role descriptions, as these will change depending on current projects and demands.

Supporting Deaf community events and social groups:

Volunteers help promote and represent DeafCOG at events – these are wonderful opportunities to meet new people and raise awareness of issues facing the Deaf Communities. Volunteers also help to run workshops like Staying Connected, etc.

Supporting the promotion of DeafCOG and our activities while raising funds and awareness:

Distribute materials around the local community. We will supply the materials for you to give to local surgeries, libraries, community centres and other services that will benefit from the information provided. Also share deaf accessible organisations and events with DeafCOG, so we can share with the wider Deaf Community and make East Sussex and Brighton & Hove a more Deaf friendly and accessible region. 

To represent DeafCOG at external engagement events:

Council, and Public Health Engagement events, meetings, committees, and board. The aim is to make sure Deaf views and challenges are considered and addressed and any inequalities are improved.

Supporting internal operations within DeafCOG:

Administration, training, communication support and many other new opportunities that will change depending on projects and services.

We value everyone’s support, no matter how small. As a volunteer, it is down to you to decide how much, or how little you can do, what and when you can support us.

Finding the Right Volunteer Role for You

Once you have successfully gone through the application process, you will receive a list of specific volunteer roles that fit under the broad roles above. Please let us know at interview which of these areas you feel you can offer support, so we can offer you the right specific role descriptions.

There are many ways to volunteer with DeafCOG. We have roles to suit anyone and they all make a difference to us. We are flexible and will help you find roles that appeal to you.

We will try to match your skills and experiences to a suitable role, as well as try to help you develop your skills. We provide training, support, and the necessary equipment to carry out the role, and reimburse out of pocket expenses (which will be explained in more details at a later stage).

The Application Process

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the online application form below and and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. 

All successful applicants may be required to undertake an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and the cost will be met by DeafCOG.

We will also ask that you provide two references as part of the application process. When possible, we will also arrange an informal chat, as we want to ensure that we both make the most of you volunteering for us.

Time Commitment

We value all the time volunteers can provide; some of the roles will require a regular commitment, while others are more flexible. Whenever possible we will try and tailor the time commitment around your availability. Some of the volunteer roles have a minimum time commitment and we will discuss this when talking through new opportunities.


Volunteers will not be out of pocket while volunteering for us. We will refund reasonable travel expenses and costs incurred as part of the volunteer role.


All volunteers will receive an appropriate induction plus ongoing support and advice to enable them to undertake these important roles.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures

New volunteers will have access to the online Volunteers Welcome Pack consisting of policies and procedures relevant to volunteering.

Support and Training

Our volunteers receive the support and training that they need to carry out their voluntary work safely and effectively. Some training we provide is ongoing and some is one-off depending on the role. DeafCOG also holds group training sessions, which all volunteers are encouraged to attend.


Our volunteer roles are covered by our public liability insurance. During the induction process, we will talk to you about your safety whilst carrying out your role.

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