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Press Release

PR005 - 03/08/2021

‘Nadia Nadarajah - Our New Patron’

DeafCOG are delighted to announce that Nadia Nadarajah has rejoined us - this time as our Patron. Nadia was one of the original DeafCOG volunteer board member. She was very active in promoting and campaigning for greater accessibility in theatres. Nadia also encouraged and engaged with Deaf people who wanted to pursue their career in acting and worked with DeafCOG, who supported her fantastic 10 year annual event - Deaf Diaspora. 

At the time Nadia's acting was in huge demand so she left DeafCOG to focus on her career as an actress. We always hoped that she would return and, although her acting career continues to be very successful and in great demand, we are so pleased to have her back in Sussex (for the time being!) and part of DeafCOG again.

You can read Nadia's brief introduction here.

Information for Editors:

DeafCOG (Deaf Cultural Outreach Group), is a community service provider and an umbrella organisation, run by a small team of Deaf volunteers covering Brighton & Hove and  Sussex. We highlight issues on inequality and discrimination to public-bodies such as the National Government, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and NHS Trusts and are actively involved in steering or focus groups to ensure deaf representation and agency for our community. 

DeafCOG act as consultants along with other Deaf organisations for Brighton & Hove City Council and offer professional advice and recommendations to improve accessible and Deaf friendly services for the Deaf community in Brighton and Hove. We also provide our specialist consultation support to other public bodies on a bespoke basis when required.

DeafCOG also organises community engagement activities for adults to shape and improve the health and well-being of the Deaf Community in Brighton & Hove and Sussex such as Our Space, Cafe Social, Relay Ramblers and various other workshops and events, alongside providing Community PA Support (Non Domiciliary Care). This has not ceased during COVID, where our small group of volunteers has continued to support and adapt our services, thanks to the Sussex Community Foundation.

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