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Our Patrons

We are very fortunate to have 4 wonderful and committed Patrons at DeafCOG.

​Our Patrons, Nadia Nadarajah, Rachel Fielding, Emma Daniel and Stephen Lloyd support and promote DeafCOG in many ways like fund raising, increasing deaf awareness, campaigning and lobbying for better access to services and employment for Deaf people. We are very grateful for their support and enthusiasm in our work.

They are also actively involved in their own line of work, making a positive difference to the people who are disadvantaged or marginalised so we have a common understanding and empathy in the work we do.


Emma Daniel

I am determined to remain a part of a move to make our city truly accessible and fair for deaf people.

This work has been so necessary and it’s vital that hearing people are allies to the deaf community in insisting on better.

I am honoured to continue that fight with DeafCOG.


Stephen Lloyd

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the role of Patron of Deaf Cultural Outreach Group (DeafCOG) in 2010 and I very much admire what has been accomplished so far. 

Their mission is to enhance the life opportunities, health and well-being of Deaf people by alleviating inequality and improving access to services for Deaf people.

I hope that I can continue to help DeafCOG achieve its aims and objectives.


Nadia Nadarajah

When the DeafCOG team asked if I would like to be their Patron, my first thought was our future. The future of our community and the relationship with our local health and social care services is my motivation to be patron. I feel as a deaf person and a BSL user I can bring my lived experience to the role, to create positive benefits.

As a Deaf person myself (middle generation) I follow on from other deaf people and have younger people coming after me, I have a responsibility to our community. I feel it is most important to listen to their issues linked to inequality and understand their needs.

DeafCOG provides a platform to uplift the voice of the Deaf people in West / East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. We must continue to engage closely with community and public service providers to ensure that their needs are both understood and met.’

Please see Press Release for more information on Nadia's work.


Rachel Fielding

I am delighted to have been asked to be Patron of DeafCOG.

I look forward to a new chapter seeing the next generation of the deaf community reach their full potential in a supportive, inclusive and diverse community where we can all learn from each other.

Actress and Member of the Oscar Winning Team in The Silent Child.

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