PA Community Service - Caring the Deaf Way

DeafCOG and Action Deafness work jointly, to provide one-to-one support to Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people. 

As we are both Deaf-led organisations with experience and expertise in both Deafness and Community Care, we are able to provide a holistic and tailored Deaf specific service to people living in Brighton & Hove City and East Sussex. 

PAs will normally be proficient in BSL, with an in-depth understanding of issues relating to deaf people and their culture. DeafCOG recognises that language proficiency alone is not enough for a PA to effectively meet the care needs of Deaf  people. 

Our Joint Service and expertise means that we can confidently meet the seven core principles of self-directed support. We believe we stand out from other organisations because of this. Principle 6 states that 'Individuals are enabled to access support networks and participate in the planning, development and evaluation of services'.

DeafCOG is a community-led service that is reformative and engaging, enabling full participation of each individual in their own community. 

Jointly, the PA Community team will ensure that care plans stay relevant and adapt as necessary to the changing needs of the person. We put the individual first in everything we do. Each individual will influence and develop our service in their own way, to ensure that what we provide is always informed and appropriate.

Our PA Community service will promote and encourage independent, healthy living; cultivate strong community links to ensure natural support networks are used well; inspire the sharing of information in a language that is accessible and culturally appropriate. We will support carers and families of our service users to actively engage in the positive work we do for the benefit of the individual. 

Service users can apply for referrals directly. Family or friends, members of the NHS Services, Social Services or anyone else connected to the service users, who has their permission to act on their behalf can also apply. A referral is just the first stage and this will start a conversation before any decision is made, by all involved, if support is agreed. 

If you have any queries about our PA Community Service please use the Contact Us Online Form.