Our Space

A space to learn something new for the Deaf Community. Using British Sign Language, our space is accessible. It's a space for Deaf people to share, develop and explore; it's Our Space.

Hearing people have space everywhere: the pubs, stadium, concerts, the high street, cafes, the council, parliament, the high street .... and even next door. Deaf people constantly try to squeeze in and create a space of their own.

Our Space has two rules:


  1. A space to learn something new.

  2. A space for Deaf people to share their passions, questions and hopes.

It is open to everyone who is willing to watch and learn, and take part. Every month, we will have a different presenter with a different subject that concern or affect Deaf people.


The venues are held in (click on for venue, date and topics).



Small buffet is served during the break. Access to BSL (British Sign Language) may be offered to people who do not know BSL. See Access Request Form for more information. There is no entry fee but donations to cover the cost of the meeting room would be greatly appreciated. 


We will keep you up to date with developments here and on our social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can subscribe to our newsletter which is easy to sign to up and you can unsubscribe at your convenience.

Please feel free to join DeafCOG's Our Space Forum which you can sign up to for free.


If you are interested in offering a presentation - in whatever way - please contact us.