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DeafCOG COVID-19 Support in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove

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Available in BSL

What is happening

We got funds from the Sussex Community Foundation to set up and train volunteers to support our projects before the COVID-19 pandemic started. We changed our priority and Sussex Community Foundation kindly agreed to let us use the funds to support the Deaf community who are isolated from the lockdown. The funds are also being used to train and support the project team including volunteers.



  • For Deaf people who need BSL or want support with communication to be independent from others.

  • DeafCOG can support Deaf people who need BSL or want support with communication. Maybe you are Deaf and don’t have people local to you that can sign, and you want help, or you are just feeling lonely, worried and need someone to talk to?

  • We are working with hubs to make sure they can meet their commitment that no one in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove will be left on their own.

  • DeafCOG can meet this commitment, by supporting Deaf people using clear and accessible communication, skills and understanding, linking you to a community and keeping you included and connected. We have volunteers who can support you.


Who are the 'hubs'

We have teamed up with all the local authority community hubs in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove (see links below) so we can offer our full support to make sure that Deaf people affected by the lockdown are given the right communication support and that their needs are being met quickly and without difficulty.

DeafCOG have already supported the 6 hubs with written guidance to make sure that Deaf people are supported safely, effectively and efficiently.

These hubs offer:

  • Help to find people who can shop, or collect prescriptions.

  • Emergency Food Bank referrals.

  • Support to find organisations who can help and give advice.

What kind of support DeafCOG can provide

  • Corona Buddy – Keep in contact with you by Text / Email / Video Chat. Someone will speak to you often to talk and support you. Help you with problems, explain if you don’t understand.

  • Find local help to support Deaf people who need  shopping or to get medication / tablets.

  • Help you with letters, or help to use websites for help to access Council / Benefits / Money help / GP / Hospital.

  • Help you use new apps and video, so you can speak to people in BSL / SSE / Lipreading – see a friendly face.

  • Help you if you are finding it hard to do something on your own or facing barrier/ problems with access.

  • Help you if you have problem with your mobile phone / smartphone / iPad / Tablet / PC, so that you can keep connected.

  • BSL / Subtitled ‘How to’ video to help you learn how to use apps and get better at technology. So you can stay in touch with people and not feel so alone.

If you would like DeafCOG to support you please register with us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can contact your local Council via SignLive. The snapshot below is what it looks like on SignLive's Community Directory.

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