Cafe Social in Bexhill-on-Sea and Eastbourne (Community Assist Service available)

Want to meet with other deaf people and have informal chat with food and drink?  Or do you want to meet one of our volunteers for FREE, confidential face to face support? More information below.

If yes - why not come along to the Cafe Social in Bexhill or Eastbourne! It is a great opportunity for you to meet people for a chat and for the deaf community and volunteers to support each other.


The Snug Cafe, Trinity Place, Eastbourne

The Snug Cafe is a welcoming and comfortable place to eat, drink and socialise. Located in the heart of Eastbourne, the staff are friendly and helpful. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (full date, time and venue address below).


Cafe Capri, Bexhill-on-Sea

The Cafe Capri is a typical sea side cafe with very friendly staff. You must try their delightful ice creams! It is close to the sea, opposite the famous De La Warr Pavilion. We meet on the 4th Thursday of each month (full date, time and venue address below).

Cafe Capri.jpeg

Community Assist

We have 1 or 2 volunteers at the Cafe Social offering FREE, confidential support for those who need help with:

  • Translating letters / emails or help with replying 

  • Applying for Access to Work (ATW)

  • How to use Sign Video/SignLive and how to make calls to businesses and GPs. 

  • Making phone calls like gas, electricity and water bills, etc.

  • Devices / apps like mobile phone, iPad, tablets, etc.

  • How to use email / internet, mobile phones i.e. sim card, contracts, etc.

  • How to get PA Community support.

  • Housing and benefits

  • PIP and UC (we will guide you to the right people to support you)

If you prefer to have a private chat we can arrange that by looking for a quiet space within the cafe or arrange a separate meeting on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom, etc,. 

If you are unable to attend Cafe Social but need support from us please contact